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Outdoor Cushions: Bringing Inside Comfort Into the Outdoors.

Indoor cushions for chairs, couches, and benches are always a welcome addition to any home, making them cosy and comfortable year ’round. But what about the out of doors? You deserve to have some well-earned comfort in your own back yard, especially thanks to the great Australian climate making outdoor living such a wonder. This means you need the perfect outdoor cushions for your outdoor living areas so you can entertain, dine, or just relax in ultimate comfort.

You can’t just bring your indoor cushions out to the back and expect to use them as outdoor seat cushions, though. Oh, no; outdoor environments have vastly different requirements when compared to the cushions you use inside. You need some expert guidance on selecting outdoor furniture cushions. Lucky for you, the experts at Jampak are here to show you the ropes! Let’s get started, shall we?

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The Best Outdoor Cushions are Australian Made

It’s true that you can source your outdoor lounge cushions from anywhere. We live in a global society and the goods you purchase down at your local shop (or, increasingly, over the internet) have likely been manufactured and shipped from the other end of the world before ending up in your hands. That being said, there’s a case to be made for considering Australian-made outdoor cushions first.

No one knows the demands placed on outdoor furniture and cushions better than an Australian manufacturer. The types of climate we get here at home are unique, and outdoor chair cushions designed to withstand a different climate, such as the American Pacific Northwest for example, are ill-equipped to handle Australia’s weather conditions. Do yourself a favour and go with Australian-designed outdoor cushions to avoid these types of issues!

Quality Outdoor Fabrics for Quality Outdoor Furnishings

Part of the problem when it comes to selecting outdoor furniture cushions is that the products you purchase might not be constructed of quality fabrics. This is a major contributing factor, even when it comes to outdoor cushions made by Australian designers specifically for our climate needs, as low-quality materials are just naturally going to split, tear, fade, and otherwise deteriorate even with low to moderate use and exposure. That’s why, if you’re looking to experience the best in comfort and convenience from your outdoor cushions, you’re going to need to pay attention to the materials from which they’re constructed.

High-quality fabrics are sturdier, last longer, and are often just more comfortable when used in outdoor cushions. Do outdoor furniture cushions made from high-quality materials cost a bit more? They certainly do! But these cushions last much longer than more cheaply-constructed ones. Lower-quality cushions wear faster and need to be replaced much sooner, whereas higher quality ones will go the distance. They’re an investment in the future, and one that pays off when your next-door neighbour is on their third set of cushions while you’re still on your first!

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Unique Designs Reflect Your Unique Personality

Your back yard is an extension of your inside living spaces, and they need to represent the unique and vibrant personalities of those living there. That’s why it’s so important to select outdoor couch cushions that have a unique, eye-catching design that’s going to complement your decorating style and help create a fun, welcoming atmosphere for you, your family, and your guests.

It’s time to take a pass on those bland, beige seat cushions and accent pillows you’ve got on your outdoor yard furniture. Go for big, bold, eye-popping colours that complement your style and show off your zest for life to the world! Conversely, if you’re looking for a Zen-like outdoor retreat from the insanity of your daily life, choosing soothing and relaxing patterns and styles will help you re-centre and recharge so you can go out and enjoy time with friends and family once again.

Outdoor Decor Enhances Your Outdoor Living Area Like None Other

Finally, let’s be quite honest: no one likes a bland, boring, and unwelcoming outdoor area. Australians are known for two things: our hospitality and our unfailing good cheer, so your outdoor living space needs to reflect that in ways that show off how much we love to enjoy ourselves in the company of others. The way we decorate our back yards, with one eye for comfort and another for dramatic design, reinforces that in a myriad of ways.

When you visit someone with a beautifully designed back yard with plenty of places to sit and lounge in eye-catching comfort, it sends a clear message that you are welcome in this oasis of hospitality. If you want to send the same message, you know what you need to do: select the very best outdoor cushions to complement your existing outdoor space design and make it as welcoming, and comfortable, as possible.

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The Last Word on Outdoor Cushion Choice and Design

Choosing the right outdoor cushions for your back yard or other outdoor living areas is more than just browsing Amazon and tossing a few random cushions into your shopping cart. Instead, you have to select your outdoor decor and accent pieces with care, focusing on the quality of the fabrics, whether the pillows or cushions have been manufactured in Australia, and whether the designs you’ve chosen will complement your outdoor space and will be successful in sending the right message to visitors to your little oasis.

This can often seem like a lot of work just to decorate a few benches, chairs, and sun lounges just so you and your guests have somewhere to sit while you’re outside, doesn’t it? Luckily, there’s an easier way — you don’t have to navigate this surprisingly complex world by yourself and without aid.

Talk To The Outdoor Cushion Experts

The decor experts at Jampak are here for you to help you find the most durable, highest-quality and most gorgeous outdoor cushions anywhere, made right here at home. Let Jampak show you why we’re the best at what we do — let's talk about you outdoor cushions project today!

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