Cushion Inserts


Cushion Inserts

Here at Jampak we know interior design like no other. That’s why we offer some of the most striking and gorgeous pillow and cushion cover designs you’ll find anywhere. Whether it’s a bold print, a calming and muted tone, or anything in between, Jampak has the perfect solution for you.

Yet good home design goes much further than just cushion cover design. Just as important — or perhaps even more important — is what you’re using as an insert for your cushion cover. That’s why we’ve put together this quick and informative guide on choosing the correct cushion insert to match your needs!

It Turns Out Size Matters After All

First things first: just because you’ve purchased a specifically sized cushion insert, this doesn’t mean that it will automatically fit the cushion you have. In fact, while it may seem counter-intuitive, your cushion insert needs to be slightly larger than the cover in order to account for its three-dimensional shape and size.

Why do you need a cover that’s smaller than your insert? It just doesn’t make sense until you realise that a cushion insert is designed to be compressed slightly when it’s placed into a cushion cover, as this is part of what gives a cushion its ability to, well, act as a cushion!

What does this mean in practical terms, though, when it comes to choosing the right size insert and the right size cover? “Slightly larger” turns out to be just that: a 55cm x 55cm insert, for example, needs to be matched with a 50cm x 50cm cover for a proper fit.

Sahara Crusader Steel 50x50cm Cushion Cover
CLASSICS VITANI GOLD 40x40cm Cushion Cover

It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Feather Down Insert

Size and shape are important when it comes to cushion inserts, but that’s not the only important part. When it comes to choosing the best insert, there’s also the matter of what’s on the inside: in other words, what materials the cushions are made out of. Here at Jampak we use two primary types of fill: feather fill and PET fibre. There are benefits and drawbacks to both feather and PET cushions, but there’s no one cushion insert that’s necessarily “better” than the other, just different.

Feather Fill Or PET

These differences are pretty pronounced, however. Feather fill is softer and more luxurious, letting you sink into the cushion further. PET, meanwhile, is much more firm and keeps cushions more plumb. It’s also hypo-allergenic thanks to its 100% recycled fibre content. This means there’s no clear cut winner between the two, as it depends on your needs: if you have allergy issues, it’s good to stay away from feather inserts. Meanwhile, if you want a soft, downy insert, PET is likely to be too stiff for your needs.

Quality Can’t Be Ignored

No matter what size of cushion insert you need or what type of fill you want your cushion insert to have, it’s important to ensure you’re choosing an insert that features high-quality manufacturing. Couch cushion inserts are meant to be sturdy and hold up to the demands of being used for several seasons straight, and that means they need to be manufactured using methods and materials that ensure they’ll last as long as they need to.

Always make sure you purchase the best, highest-quality cushion inserts you can afford, as these will more likely stand the test of time and provide a quality investment for your home decor. If you have questions about how to choose the best cushion insert, need help choosing a proper cover for your insert, or any other home decor question, we’re here for you. Contact Jampak today and learn how we can help unite you with the best indoor and outdoor cushions and pillows anywhere!

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