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Choosing the Best Cushion Designer Covers to Match Your Home Decor.

Here at Jampak, it’s our business to know what goes into the construction of the perfect soft furnishings. From sourcing the best, highest-quality materials from around the world to using our skills and expertise to create gorgeous decor items right here in Brisbane, we’re Australia’s top soft furnishings provider for a reason. That’s why we’re here to provide you some real talk on a subject you might not have ever given a thought to: cushion covers.

That’s right — the humble cushion cover isn’t so humble as you might think. The truth is that as far as home furnishings go the cushion is an integral part of any decor, and the cover of that cushion, as the only part of it that you actually see, is even more crucial. More than just a slipcover over some upholstery foam, your choice of accent or couch cushion covers can make or break your decoration plans for a room or even an entire household. Here’s what you need to know!

Royal Luxe Vienna Moss 50x50cm Cushion Cover

The Best Cushion Covers Are Australian Made

There’s no getting around it — we live in a global society. Thanks to online ordering and worldwide shipping, we can all enjoy choice goods from anywhere in the globe here at home. This is fantastic for finding truly rare items made exclusively overseas, but when it comes to designer cushion covers there’s no place like home. That’s right: the best covers can be found right here, proudly Australian made.

Australian-made couch cushion covers are ideal for a number of reasons. First, buying local means supporting Australian commerce, and that benefits us all. Second, an Australian designer and manufacturer knows what kinds of climate conditions Australians encounter both inside and outside their homes, and that means your cushion covers will feature designs that will be durable and wear well for years to come because they feature bespoke design for your world.

Coastal Hamptons
Coastal Hamptons.

Quality Fabrics Make Covers Even More Attractive

Fast fashion is all the rage nowadays. New fashion trends hit every year or even every three to six months, and many of these trends result in hastily-designed decorative elements that are not meant to last very long. That’s all well and good for casual wear, for example, but when it comes to your velvet cushions, for example, that’s much less of an advantage. You’re unlikely to change your decor look as often as your personal fashion, after all!

That’s why it’s recommended to always go with the highest quality fabrics when choosing cushion covers. These covers are likely to cost more because they’re not made with fast fashion in mind, but that’s a hidden advantage in that they’ll last much longer than just a few seasons. High-quality materials are almost always more durable as well, after all! This is why many savvy home decorators know that shopping local from an Australian manufacturer isn’t enough — you also have to invest in long-term durability at the same time for the biggest benefits.

Unique, Timeless, and Striking Designs Add Texture and Depth

There’s nothing worse than walking into a room and being accosted with bland, flat, and colourless cushions. Since the cover is the only part of the cushion you see, you need to take care in choosing a unified and unique design that will provide a classic, timeless feel to your decor that will set you apart from the crowd and create a memorable experience for anyone and everyone.

Choice of colour and texture can make or break an otherwise well-arranged room. Contrasting hues can add a pop of colour when needed, and tactile treats such as velvet cushions can provide different visual and physical textures to a room to direct the eye towards important focal points of your overall design. Choose wisely to support the kind of ambience you want a specific room to exude!

Coastal Hamptons.

Indoor and Outdoor Cushion Concerns

Australia’s unique climate means many of us spend lots of time outside in our back yards enjoying the weather, and that means outdoor spaces need to be considered alongside indoor ones when it comes to decor, furniture, and cushion choice. Many of the same design elements that are important for indoor cushion covers transfer over to outside design choices as well, but because these cushions are going to be exposed to the elements the balance shifts towards durability.

The ability to withstand the elements and still remain attractive and comfortable means outdoor cushion covers need to fulfil different functions than indoor ones. Covers treated to protect against the ravages of sun and rain will be as brightly-coloured and dry as the day you purchased them, even months or even years down the line, so keep your indoor cushions where they belong and buy dedicated outdoor cushion covers for the best results!

Jampak Knows Cushion Covers and Soft Furnishings!

Here at Jampak, we know what goes into the most comfortable, and most attractive, soft furnishings for your home. All our cushions and cushion covers are made right here in Brisbane, and we use only the most attractive and durable fabrics and materials, sourced from both at home and abroad, in their creation. We specialise in both indoor and outdoor cushions for chairs, sun lounges, benches, window seats, and many other types of furnishings, offering you the high-quality, expertly crafted home decor options you need to turn your house into a home.

This can often seem like a lot of work just to decorate a few benches, chairs, and sun lounges just so you and your guests have somewhere to sit while you’re outside, doesn’t it? Luckily, there’s an easier way — you don’t have to navigate this surprisingly complex world by yourself and without aid.

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But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Come see for yourselves! Our ever-evolving stock of accent pillows, cushions, and cushion covers is ready and waiting for your perusal. If you’re looking for the absolute best in indoor and outdoor cushions with the most attractive, stylish, and high-quality cushion covers to match your decor inside and out, don’t delay. Visit our cushion sale items and see the Jampak difference today!

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