What to consider when purchasing cushions

JamPak Cushions can bring life to any room with it’s beautiful colours, prints and unique designs. Handmade in Australia, our team ensure your home has the latest modern looks to spice up a room.

Cushions are an easy accessory for interior style and come in many shapes and sizes. These styles can elevate your interior by picking colours and styles that tie into furniture and the look of a room, however, with personal style also.


Our indoor cushions have soft and specific material and fabrics that are easy to wash and are long lasting. We ensure the best materials have been picked for long-lasting cushions that will not lose its design and style in short-time.

The most important things we believe you need to consider while making your mind up when purchasing cushions is:

  1. Identify the theme of your room.
  2. Identify the colours in the space.
  3. Identify what furniture is in its surroundings.

When these are discovered you can plan and add cushions to the relevant rooms. You may pick certain styles that are colourful and printed and incorporate plainer and less vibrant colours in the mix.

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Stay tuned for what’s next.

The JamPak team.

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