Choosing the right cushions for your room

With a team working on creating cushions, we’ve decided to help you choose which cushion works best for your room. This may be hard for some to decide but with the help of some useful tips, we can help you make the right choice! 

Decision One: How many cushions to pick

Each room in a house is different but when deciding how many cushions, think about the feel of your room. Is it casual? Luxurious? Boho? The list goes on. Have a look at the length of your couch, sofa or single chair and decide whether two or more cushions suit that sofa. Even numbers tend to be neat in a room and for single chairs a rectangular shaped style fit perfectly. Select the right numbers for balance. 


Decision Two: What colours work best.

When choosing colours for your room, think about what colours will stand out or match your room and pick a colour or prints that compliment it. Be sure to remember to look out for decorations, furniture and other pieces that also will suit that colour. Create a look that works together with what is in that space whether it be nudes, florals or bold colours that enhances that space. 

The styles below have been selected to work with interior and we have added a throw to suit the cushions also.


Decision Three: Arrange and style well

Displaying cushions can be simply done and created easily. Cushions can be displayed on your sofa often in the middle or corners of the area neatly with a slight shape given down the middle so that they stay there and display neatly. Even numbers and different shapes of cushions compliment well in a room. Once you put them slightly on a slant these cushions should remain there and the arrangement is covered! The room will then look complete! 


Stay tuned for what’s next. The Jampak Team. 

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